Learning English

Quick facts and usefull resources

An Introduction

English has almost become a lingua franca for the whole world, people from different parts of the world are able to communicate in it follow the blog: https://multilingualbronxite.wordpress.com/


Quick facts

Native Speakers: 360–400 million.  As a foreign language 600 – 700 million
Language Family: Germanic
Writing System: Latin script (English alphabet)

Reading Time


mmM English

The YouToube Channel of mmmenglish is one of my favorites. She has a lot of content and in the same time she speaks very clearly and she has videos with different paces, this make me follow with her and espacially this helped me to improve my pronunciation.


She is also very active and uploads videos regularily related to English language and she shares a lot of usefull tips. She also uses americain English and explains a lot of slangs from accross the united states.

Learn English with Englishclass101.com

You may already come accross this YouTube video channel. The owners have also a lot of channels for other languages with the same name pattern, that´s why you could profit from their experience in teaching languages in general and you can improve you English skills by learning from their YouTube channel. They also have a Website where you could use a lot of features like downloading PDFs or practicing by solving English exercices. 

Steve Kaufmann – lingosteve

https://www.lingq.com is a website that offers classes for around 30 languages including English, It is   It has a lot of features. You have a lot of content like stories, while reading you can mark words you already know just with one klick and also the words that you don´t know. the result is a neat visual result which helps you to follow your progress and learn new vocabolary. Morover if you install their youtube extension in your browser you could even import the content that you like from YouTube and learn your preferred language with the content you like the most. The following video is from the owner of the website, he is very active and makes regular videos on his channel and he shares almost everything about his language learning experience. I don´t need to mention that, if he managed to learn 16 languages untill a fluent level, it could be really very usefull to watch his videos and expecially English related ones as this post is about English. 

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